National Carburetors
The King of Carburetors

Our company started out of a small service station & repair garage in Jacksonville, Florida on March 1, 1954. Edward L. Obi Sr. – founded Obi’s Auto Parts and Repairs specializing in remanufacturing it’s own brand of rebuilt auto parts: carburetors, starters, alternators, generators, fuel pumps, master cylinders, water pumps, and more.

That brand was boxed and sold in our auto parts stores in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s as Obi Remanfactured Products. Today we are know as National Carburetor and the core of or business is remanufacturing carburetors. We have the largest core bank in the US. We ship under many brand names per our wholesale customers’ request. If you have bought a carburetor from your local part store then it probably can from us.
Sixty years later, Edward L. Obi Jr. runs the company and has built the business in to one of the largest rebuilding factories in world, building hundreds of units every day for most of the top auto parts chains in your town, as well as having distributors in over seven countries worldwide.
Today we still remanufacture a full line of Domestic, Foreign, Marine, Industrial, Antique, PWC, and Motorcycle Carburetors of any year, make, or model engine. This wide range of carburetors we produce is why we are the leader in the business.